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At McCormack & McCormack, we take pride and satisfaction in the fact that we fight to protect the legal rights of men and women who have put their own lives at risk to defend the rest of us. The members of the United States Armed Forces serve to protect and uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but unfortunately, their own rights are sometimes trampled in the course of a criminal investigation or court-martial, and the result is often disastrous for the individual service member.

Put yourself in the best position to defend the allegations against you by securing professional representation of an extremely experienced and aggressive civilian attorney who has successfully fought against the military in countless cases. Although you are entitled to an appointed military defense counsel, frequently the appointed counsel is an attorney with limited, and sometimes no criminal litigation experience. Your case could be his or her first contested trial, or first jury trial – that is not a good position to be in. Your lawyer will likely be an 0-3, addressing the military judge and court members who may likely be 0-6’s. The “rank intimidation factor” has no role in the courtroom, but can you be sure it is not playing a role in your case?


Attorney Greg D. McCormack of the Law firm of McCormack & McCormack has more than 38 years of extensive military criminal litigation experience, and our background equips us to take on the challenges of fighting to defend your name and to win your case or secure the best possible outcome. Attorney Greg McCormack's experience practicing as both a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer while he was on active duty with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps provided him with the foundation for his ability to successfully defend countless military personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces.

Our track record includes the successful defense of hundreds of court-martials, and we have the ability to fully evaluate the evidence and to anticipate the strategies that the prosecutor will use in the case, so as to be able to build a powerful defense for our client.


In most court-martials, there is one single factor that will determine the final outcome of the case, regardless of the quality and scope of the evidence: the defense attorney. The experience and skill level of the military defense lawyer may make the difference between the accused being able to continue his or her career, or ending up in confinement and facing a future of living with a criminal record. With the extensive support of our administrative staff and our highly experienced paralegals, as well as the exhaustive preparation and aggressive courtroom representation which we invest in every case we represent, we regularly achieve outstanding results for our clients.


When we take on a new case, Greg McCormack takes the time to fully evaluate the facts of the matter and to provide our client with an unbiased assessment of the situation, so that our client knows what to expect and so that we can prepare the best possible defense against the charges. If at all possible, it is in your best interests to retain legal representation while you are still under investigation and before any charges have been filed against you, so that we may be able to intervene on your behalf and to resolve the situation. In the event that the case will go all the way to a court-martial, it is vital that you hire your military criminal defense attorney as early as possible. Urgency helps ensure the best possible chances of success.

Whether you are suspected of a sex crime, allegations of BAH or Travel fraud, or if you are being charged with a drug offense, you need an attorney to advocate on your behalf and to help you find your way out of this situation. Don't make the mistake of speaking with investigators; the longer you talk to the military investigators, the more likely it becomes that you will say something to incriminate yourself. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want your lawyer at once.

If you are an officer or senior enlisted member facing the loss of your career as a result of a Show Cause Board of Inquiry or administrative separation action, Greg McCormack has successfully assisted hundreds of clients in similar cases, saving their careers.

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