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Military Criminal Defense Blog

Military Sexual Assault Cases - The Other "Victim"

In every military sex assault case I handle, I file a motion to prevent the Government from using the word "victim" in reference to the complainant. Although this might seem petty in the ...
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Navy Master Chief Found NOT GUILTY of Domestic Abuse

We frequently represent military personnel in state, federal and military court-martials on charges of domestic violence. A conviction of a domestic violence offense has lifelong implications and can ...
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How Do I Resolve an AWOL Case?

Are you accused of going AWOL ? The consequences can be significant if you do not have legal representation to assist you to defend against the accusation. Both AWOL and desertion are serious crimes, ...
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Dealing with Accusations of Violations of National Security

It is extremely dangerous to be facing accusations related to violations of national security. The sentences imposed can be significant, and for many breaches of national security cases, can lead to ...
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Appealing My Court Martial

Were you wrongfully convicted or sentenced in a court martial ? You have the right to appeal. The process of seeking an appeal must be carefully managed by a legal professional with extensive ...
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What is the Difference Between an Other-Than-Honorable (OTH) and a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD)?

We have been consulted and retained by many service members who are facing administrative separation proceedings. Frequently our clients ask what the difference is between an OTH and a BCD. A Bad ...
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Military Criminal Defense Blog

Welcome to the new blog for McCormack & McCormack! Our military criminal defense lawyers have 35 years of combined legal experience, and one thing we have seen time and time again is that when our ...
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