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Military Lawyer

Defending Service Members Who Protect Our Country

As a member of the United States Armed Forces, you have served your country in the defense of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other institutions which have contributed to making the U.S. one of the finest nations in world history. Now that you stand accused of committing a crime, your future is at risk, and it is only your own rights which stand between you and the possibility of demotion, reduction in pay grade, confinement and possible dishonorable discharge, as well as the stigma of living the rest of your life with a criminal record. At McCormack & McCormack, we take pride in fighting to defend the rights of service members who have been charged with crimes, and we are ready to take immediate action on your behalf.

About Military Criminal Defense

Military FAQs
Being arrested, charged and prosecuted for a crime can be an overwhelmingly confusing experience. For many people who find themselves in your situation, simple ignorance of their rights and their legal options is the factor which plays the largest role in leading to a conviction. Learn the basics about the situation and let us guide you along the way.

Sex Crimes
Don't let sex crime allegations destroy your career! Whether you have been accused of fraternization or possession of child pornography, or if you are being investigated for child sex crimes or rape, it is vital that you take action now to defend your reputation and to avoid the dire consequences you face by hiring an attorney to fight for you.

Anyone who completes a term of service in the United States Armed Forces will eventually end up being discharged, and the nature of discharge can have an enormous influence on the individual's future in civilian life. Fighting criminal charges is vital to avoid a punitive discharge, but even if you were given a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge, you may be able to mitigate the damage by letting us help you pursue a discharge upgrade.

Drug Offenses
The U.S. military takes a tough stance against drug use among service members, not only to protect the health of the individual uniformed personnel but also to safeguard discipline within the ranks. Whether you have failed a drug test urinalysis or if you have been charged with drug distribution, you can find help in defending against the accusations by hiring our firm.

Alcohol-Related Charges
Alcohol consumption is common throughout all branches of the Armed Forces, and alcohol-related charges are among the most common cause of legal action against an individual service member. If you have been charged with public intoxication, driving under the influence or any other type of alcohol-related offense, we want to represent you throughout the case, including before any board of inquiry or show cause board which may be involved.

Homicide Assault Charges
The members of the Armed Forces are trained to use lethal force against enemy combatants, but they are expected to exercise the highest possible levels of restraint in avoiding physical violence within the ranks. Unfortunately, violent incidents do occur, and unless you are defended by an aggressive criminal attorney, you could be targeted with harsh penalties to set an example of discipline for the other personnel.

AWOL / Desertion
Going absent without leave or on unauthorized absence is not taken lightly in the U.S. Armed Forces, and if you have been accused of deserting it is vital that you take action to defend your future. Don't wait until you are arrested; tackle the situation with the help of a skilled military attorney from our team. We may be able to help you obtain an administrative discharge so that you can put this situation behind you.

A member of any branch of the military may be charged with fraud in connection with any of a wide number of different circumstances, such as for attempting to cheat the system to obtain benefits for himself or a family member, as well as for lying under oath or falsifying or forging documents. Don't let fraud charges ruin your future!

National Security Cases
There has been considerable media attention on high profile cases in which service members violated national security restrictions by releasing confidential or sensitive information to the public. Our attorneys can step in to defend you both against the criminal investigation and prosecution and in the court of public opinion.

Why You Shouldn't Use the Court-Appointed Defense Council

After being charged with a crime, you may have been greatly relieved to learn that you would be offered the opportunity to let the government pay the costs of your legal representation. Given the chance to use the court-appointed defense counsel, it seems that you would obviously choose to do so, rather than putting yourself in the position of having to come up with the money to pay for your own private legal defense. You are fully entitled to pursue this course of action, but it is generally not in your best interests to do so. This is due in large part to the fact that the court-appointed defense lawyer is almost always working under the burden an outrageously large case load.

He or she is not likely to have much time to meet with you in person, and there is very little chance that he or she would be able to invest the time and effort necessary to properly investigate your case in order to build an effective defense. You simply have too much at stake to afford taking any chances with the outcome of your case. Give yourself the best possible chances of success by hiring a civilian criminal defense lawyer to fight for you! Our team has 40 years of experience and a background which includes service in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. We urge you to contact us now for a free case evaluation and to take the first steps in your case.

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