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National Security Cases in Court Martial

Aggressive Defense from Our Military Criminal Lawyers

A recent report from the Associated Press found that the Obama administration denied Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests more than 479,000 times, a figure which represents an increase of 22 percent over the year before. Certain branches of the government were far more secretive than others, such as the Central Intelligence Agency which denied 60 percent of all FOIA requests last year, while the State Department responded to only 57 percent of requests as compared with 75 percent the year before.

Efforts Taken to Guard Secrets of the Government

Turning down FOIA requests is not the only action which the government is taking to guard its secrets. There has also been an increase in the number of prosecutions of individual service members who have been accused of leaking classified information to the press or to the general public. In some cases, those who are charged with national security violations have taken action as whistleblowers, while in others they are mistakenly accused based on honest mistakes or false information. Every one of them, however, deserves fair treatment under law and proven legal defense to fight against the charges.

Military Criminal Defense Attorney for National Security Violations

National security cases are among the most challenging in the field of court-martial defense, as they often involve complicated requests for discovery of classified evidence and the requirement that everyone involved in the closed court sessions be given a security clearance. The military justice system prosecutes national security breaches aggressively, and you cannot afford any delay in retaining legal representation.

Contact us now for a confidential consultation with a military criminal defense attorney from our team. With 40 years of experience and a background that includes serving in the JAG Corps as both prosecution and defense, we are ready to take on the challenge of defending you against the serious consequences you face!

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